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Turmeric Harvesting

Turmeric Harvesting

By AgrarianWorld

  • Usually harvesting extends from January to March-April.
  • Early varieties mature in 7-8 months and medium varieties in 8-9 months.
  • The crop is ready for harvesting when the leaves turn yellow and start drying up.
  • That’s when your turmeric is ready to dig up.
  • At the time of maturity, (Sweating) leaves are cut close to the ground, the land is ploughed and
  • rhizomes are gathered by hand-picking or the clumps are carefully lifted with a spade.
  • The picked rhizomes are collected and cleaned. The mother and finger rhizomes are
  • separated before curing.
  • Fingers are separated from mother rhizomes and are usually kept as seed material.
  • To use, you will have to peel the root first. Wear gloves, or you will have yellow-stained
  • fingers for quite a few days.
  • The yield per hectare comes to 10,000 to 12,000 kilograms of green turmeric. Some of the high-yielding
  • selections developed have recorded a yield of 14,000 of green turmeric per acre.



    •  The Harvesting cost is 8,000 as per Acre. It’s based on Contract.
    • Manpower is used for Harvesting. They take more time and more money for it.
    • Because we don’t have any kind of equipment which can be used for harvesting of turmeric in Pakistan.
    • If we can import or develop any kind of digger (like potato digger) so we can decrease the harvesting cost.
    • So we can save money and time. We can decrease 60% Harvesting Cost.

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